What do we do?

Being called The Everything Co. is not very descriptive. So let me answer that question for you.

We build both hardware and software to help accelerate the world to a more decentralized and open source future.

We are just getting started and do not have any products developed yet, but are working on a few.

Things we are building or want to build:

  • A water heater that captures waste heat from computers/servers/miners to offset water heating needs while providing productive work
  • Software we are calling the 'Thing Tracker'. Targeted at small businesses and entrepreneurs to help manage product data, inventory, and even manufacturing data.
  • Going along with the thing tracking software is (hopefully) going to be an automated containerized thing storage system. Sort of like a vending machine, but larger, more modular, and more flexible.
  • Create our own or contribute to the development of a digital identity protocol. We feel the blockchain revolution won't start until there is a widely adopted identity protocol.
  • And finally, a sort of meta-product. We want to build a platform where contributors can get paid to help us build these and any other products in an open source manner. The goal is to eventually have an open source version of everything existing in the world.

We are still getting started so feel free to reach out to us with your ideas or if you would like to contribute. Until we have the platform built we will be offering bounties on helping build the platform itself. Once built, we hope to have all current projects listed on there for anyone to contribute to.